Resurrect Hair Gel
Formula by Pharm.D.
Formula by Pharm. D.
About Our Product
Directions:  Apply 2 times daily to thinning areas of scalp after showering.  Leave on until next shower.  Must be refrigerated.  Expires after 30 days.

Ingredients:  Aloe Extracts, Aloe Juice.

 We are now offering new members a full money back guarantee for the first four months of usage.  If hair loss stoppage is not evident after four months, a full refund will be made.  To qualify for this offer, new member must take a picture of receding hairline before usage and a picture of hairline after four months of daily continuous usage and send to Research Hair Gel.  Refund will be made after photos are compared and show continued hair loss.      

Resurrect Hair Gel is a product developed by a pharmacist for promoting healthy hair for men.  It may be used for women as well.  It consists of pure aloe plant extracts with no preservatives or additives that preserves the vitality of the gel.  Resurrect Hair Gel thickens hair upon application.  It may slow hair loss and promote regrowth of hair in thinning areas after three to six months of daily application.  Because the gel is a natural plant product, it needs to be refrigerated after use.  Resurrect Hair Gel drys non-greasy and is colorless on skin after application.  It may stain clothes.

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Also eliminates "hat hair", that greasy matted hair after wearing a cap for a prolonged period for work or play.  Great for professional clients such as MLB, NFL, PGA, firefighters, and surgery personnel.  This may be the result of aloe gel's property of reducing oily secretions from the skin.
This is latest update on 7/6/2016.  See the improvement on the sides and crown area.  Hair line is more natural and hair growth is evident.  This new growth is occuring from using the hair gel 2 times a day.  We will update with more photos when more improvements occur.
18 month photo update: 1/11/14.  Our study subjects have now completed 18 months of aloe vera gel usage.  Their results are clearly defined in these photos.

We are now recommending the usage of our gel to increase to 2 applications a day for faster improvement.  Also, we recommend just applying the gel and not washing it out until the next shampoo.  Reapply the gel after shampoo. 

***CONCLUSIVE PROOF OF HAIR REGROWTH from 12 month study photos. See our new youtube video. With these positive results, we are offering a full money back guarantee for new members.  See details in testimonial.

Do not be misled by bogus websites that tout "Resurrect Hair Gel Products".  We only promote 1 product, pure aloe vera gel, branded as Resurrect Hair Gel that is only available through paid membership in our RHG INC Club.

See our youtube video for research study photos under the title of Aloe Gel As A Natural Cure to Hair Loss: A Research Study.
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